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Solana Summer Camp Berlin🏕

Hosted by Chris Nagy
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About Event

​Solana in collaboration with NFT Club Berlin, Mango Markets & Big Brain Holdings are delighted to host the first Solana Summer Camp in Berlin.

A month (August 1st - 26th) of glass chewing, BUIDLing, learning and getting to know each other.

​The Summer Camp is a space meant to encourage building on Solana. You will be able to meet and work with fellow developers, find new team members from all backgrounds or just get advice from people in the ecosystem (business and tech).

​The venue is open every day until evening, seating spaces and meeting rooms are available. Snacks and drinks are on the house.

​The flow of the schedule is flexible, but you will have the opportunity to attend talks, digital art galleries and more.

Click here to find out more about the Summer Camp Hackathon.

Find the most up to date information on the camp on our Notion.

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