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RSVP for our closing party at Atlas 8/17:


Phantom is delighted to host the first Solana Summer Camp in San Francisco. For three weeks (August 1 - August 17), we welcome teams and individuals to join us at our in-person venue where we can work, meet fellow builders, and learn from one another. Our venue will be open with limited capacity from morning until evening.

You must be approved to attend this event. Approved participants will be admitted each day on a first come, first serve basis.

Who this event is for:

This event is for individuals and teams who are building on Solana. Specifically, this event is focused on developers, builders, and entrepreneurs who are registered for the Solana Summer Camp hackathon.

In addition to this venue, Phantom is also sponsoring a $10,000 prize for the best hackathon project that integrates Phantom deeplinks.

​What you can expect during the event:

  • A venue with good Wifi, workstations, and all-day snacks and refreshments.

  • ​Educational workshops to improve your understanding of Solana (technical and non-technical)

  • ​Plenty of time to work on your project, network, find team members for your idea, or join an existing team and be able to fight for the pool of $5m prizes.


RSVP for our closing party at Atlas 8/17:

For additional questions or requests to present during the event, please reach out to Brian Friel on Twitter.