So Here's What Happened - 001

Hosted by R Scott Jones
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About Event

Let’s gather around the virtual campfire and tell each other some tales of travel and adventure.

In the age of social media, we scroll past countless trip photos, but rarely get the same storytelling experience we might in catching up with a friend in real life. You remember, when your friend actually verbally told you a story about her recent trip, in person—complete with the body language, voice inflections, and hand gesturing? It’s those stories, not curated and enhanced photos, that make travel truly memorable.

This project is a simple attempt to share those types of stories, but from afar.

So what is this like, exactly?

Well, the concept is pretty simple. It's an informal gathering via Zoom, which I'll lightly moderate. A few people will tell their travel story, and we'll take a few questions in between stories. That's...about it. Nothing fancy. Just a few people telling you a story, providing perhaps a respite from the day's stress.

If you have a story you want to tell, register for the event and then reply to the event confirmation to let me know. If this seems fun, I'll host these regularly, probably once a month.

Why should I tell my travel story?

Because you have a great story to tell, that’s why!

It might be something funny that happened on that trip to Thailand. Or that comedy of errors that was your road trip to DisneyWorld. Or the type 2 fun backpacking trip last summer. Or the heartwarming trip where you fell in love with your sweetheart. Or the trip that totally changed the way you view something. Whatever it is, if it’s worth sharing with your friends, it’s worth sharing with us.

If you’ve traveled, I know you have some of these stories. Time to tell us about it!

How long should my story be?

These seem to work best if you keep them under about 10-12 minutes. We'll save a few minutes for, I mean questions, after each story. We'll shoot for 3-4 stories in total.