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Cover Image for Possibilities Playground: Connect to Your Creative Vision [INSIDE THE HUB]
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Possibilities Playground: Connect to Your Creative Vision [INSIDE THE HUB]

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Welcome to the Possibilities Playground!

A monthly meetup within the Co-Created Hub that fosters a community for like-hearted people to explore their writing practice.

This space is for you if you are a creative or aspiring writer looking to express, to explore, to experiment with your writing without the need for perfection.


We will start with a mindful check-in, followed by a guided hypnosis session designed to help you tap into your subconscious mind and connect to your inner vision. Through calming guidance, you may visualize scenes, characters, and stories, allowing for a free flow of creative ideas.

After the hypnosis session, we will move into a writing exercise. With your imagination awakened, you’ll explore writing prompts that channel the visions you experienced. Whether it’s a short story, a poem, or a starting point for your creative writing, this exercise will help you bring your subconscious visions to life on the page.

Come ready to relax, imagine, and create!

What to expect...

  • CONNECTION - we welcome you to share where you’re at and what’s been weighing on your heart and mind

  • ​VISUALIZATION - this experience will guide you to explore new possibilities for building your confidence, expressing yourself, and tapping into new levels of creativity within the subconscious mind

  • ​MINDFUL WRITING EXERCISES - unique and intuitive writing prompts will be shared each session to provoke you to expand your practice

About your Host Lauren Best…

​​Lauren Best is a Experience Designer, Mindset Transformation Consultant and Certified Hypnotherapist supporting Creatives to experience life in a way that honours their superpowers and what lights them up to reinvent their ways of working holistically with more joy, ease, and confidence.

​​Her practice pulls from her background in supporting businesses to transformation through Design Thinking Methodology, Subconscious Mindset Rewiring, and tuning into the mind-body-heart-intuition to make aligned decisions that honours the values of her clients.

​​She is the Founder of Possibilities Universe, which is a place for people to discover tools and experiences to unlock possibility within a universe of self-discovery, celebration, mindfulness, creativity, curiosity & imperfection.

​​And she is also a Multi Best Selling Author, creater of the Possibilities In Between Substack, host of Provoking Possibilities Podcast, and a Founding Partner of the Co-Created Hub.

How to join…

​This event is free for members of the Co-created Hub and our call will take place inside the Hub platform.

​If you are not already a member and would like to join this event for free you can sign up for a 7-day free trial membership here:

​Enter the code LAURENBEST for 10% off in the case you decide to join the membership after your trial.

What is the Co-created Hub?

​The Co-created Hub is a community-focused platform on a mission to inspire, educate and create opportunities for passion-led founders and entrepreneurs to connect and grow their businesses in a more holistic and sustainable way. We aim to bring more wellness, connection and collaboration.

​You can join any other member events in the Hub during your free trial. Check out the upcoming events here:

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