Cover Image for Redefining GTM: Insights from Unconventional Leaders #IrvineTechWeek
Cover Image for Redefining GTM: Insights from Unconventional Leaders #IrvineTechWeek
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Redefining GTM: Insights from Unconventional Leaders #IrvineTechWeek

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Irvine, California
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When you think of Go-To-Market, do you think CTOs, CPOs, VCs, Founders…? Maybe you should!

Join us for an unparalleled round-table discussion featuring some of Orange County's most innovative Founders, a Head of Product, Chief Information Officer, and a seasoned Venture Capitalist. Dive into the evolving landscape of Go-to-Market strategies with peers and pioneers at the forefront of tech.

📅 Date & Time: Wednesday, April 17, 6-8:30pm

🎙️ Featuring Speakers:
Timothy Li, Founder of LendAPI, serial entrepreneur, LP at Interlock Capital
Arun Balakrishnan, Co-Founder & Head of Product at FunnelStory, transforming customer data into actionable value
Martin Ignatovski, CIO of Lightning Step Technologies, leading with a customer-centric approach in HealthTech
Alok Nandan, Founder & Managing Partner at First Rays Venture Partners, from Microsoft Azure’s first Product Manager, to angel investor, to venture capitalist

🤝 About SoCal CX:
Southern California's premier professional community for GTM leaders in tech, SoCal CX fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation among Product Management, Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and more, striving to deliver unmatched SaaS customer experiences.

🔄 Bi-Monthly Meetups:
We gather in person bi-monthly, alternating between LA and OC, breaking down GTM silos and exploring tech's cutting edge.

🌐 #IrvineTechWeek:
This event is a proud part of Irvine Tech Week, a collaboration of VCs and startups aimed at enriching our tech ecosystem.

🙏 Thank you to our sponsors: FunnelStory, Outset, & Colab Space

🌟 Don't miss this chance to redefine GTM with unconventional wisdom and connect with fellow tech leaders!

This event is a round-table discussion featuring Orange County Founders, a Head a Product, Chief Information Officer, and VC. Join the discussion around Redefining Go to Market with other tech leaders.

About SoCal CX:

SoCal CX is Southern California's only professional community where go-to-market leaders across Product Management, Sales, Account Management, Professional Services, Technical Support, and Customer Success come together to share ideas so we can deliver unparalleled customer experiences for B2B and B2B2C software-as-a-service technology companies.

SoCal CX was formed to provide an in-person meetup for Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Product professionals to help us break down silos, and to explore the cutting edge of technology and shifting trends impacting our companies. 

Our last event:
We meet monthly in person, alternating between Los Angeles County and Orange County.

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This event is a part of #IrvineTechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.

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Irvine, California
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