Sobremesa Sessions



This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

Event Information

Sobremesa Sessions make space for meaningful conversations that encourage deeper connections with people and ideas.

sobremesa ( soh - breh - meh - sah )
Table talk or after-dinner conversation

Modern life, especially in recent years, hasn't given many opportunities for meeting new people and having genuine conversations. Sobremesa Sessions are an invitation to change that.

At each session we’ll gather to explore a theme chosen by the group in advance.

We’ll spend time all together as well as in smaller groups with prompts related to the theme to get conversation flowing.

Along with conversation, throughout the session there are moments for reflection and to capture any emerging thoughts or ideas.

Join the conversation for free!

The first two sessions (in March and April) are experiments. My gift to you for helping me test this idea is to offer you a free seat. To take me up on this use the coupon APR-PILOT when you register.