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R3 Meet-up Party | WebX Side Event

Past Event
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About Event

Estimated number of attendees:150

Co-host:KEKKAI、COINPOST、Denostr、kana labs、NFTGO、Bifrost、Gate、Skyland Ventures

Partners:WebX、HAKUHODO KEY3、teamZ、REVO、TERMINAL3、NFT COLOR、MarsBit、TechFlow、Cointime、Block Beats、Foresight News、lolite、NFT Media

Location: R3 Club Lounge,〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato City, Roppongi, 7 Chome−14−23 B1F


  • One minute walk from Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line

​​Purpose of the Event

​KEKKAI is a company specialized in Web3 security products. We are co-hosting "R3 Meet-up Party" as a side event of WebX.
We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join our "R3 Meet-up Party", a night teeming with profound discussions and abundant social interactions.
This evening, in a relaxed ambiance, you'll have the chance to savor exquisite cocktails and enjoy melodious music while exploring and fostering potential business collaborations. Our event serves as a bridge connecting individuals with shared objectives and visions.

Free admission🎫, unlimited drinks🍹, we look forward to your participation!🎉

この度、​KEKKAIWebXのサイドイベントとして、「R3 Meet-up Party」の開催が決定いたしました。このイベントは、共有の目標とビジョンを持つ方々をつなげる架け橋となることを目指しています。



  • ​​Registration(20:30〜

  • ​Introduction of Host、Co-host(21:00〜

  • ​​Social gathering (21:00~23:30)

    • ​​Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available.

​Event co-hosts


​We are a Tokyo-based web3 protocol that provides a wide array of on-chain security solutions and services. The total amount of crypto frauds in 2022 is estimated to be 490 billion yen, which is about three times the amount of the previous year, and is a major challenge for the industry.

​In order to overcome this situation, KEKKAI is committed to providing a more secure experience to the industry as a whole and contributing to the improvement of the environment. Currently, we have released KEKKAI, a Web3 security plugin that enables risk detection through transaction simulation analysis, and an API service that enables NFT fraud detection and transaction simulation.


​KEKKAI Plugin Download:



Denostr is a Deno-based, cloud-native Nostr relay implementation that is designed to empower a massive user base on the Nostr relay, fueling the growth and adoption of the new generation decentralized applications.


REVO - The ultimate Web 3.0 entertainment hub. Enjoy videos, create video NFTs, livestream, and trade tokens on this platform.


Kana Labs

A NetMarble and Jump Crypto project, Kana Labs is building the next-gen cross-chain ecosystem of DeFi, GameFi & NFTs. We have built a core foundation layer of aggregated bridges and blockchains on which the next-gen tools for DeFi and Gamefi would be built - an ecosystem for seamless transactions, a layer-1 for Web3 and games to bridge through. Lastly, we have the cheapest + fastest swap rates across on our dapp. 

Mirai(Our AA Wallet) features - AA (Account Abstraction), social logins, bundler for gasless transaction, private session key and gas sponsoring, everything customised.


NFTGo aims to become the world's leading NFT data intelligence provider and benefits everyone involved in trading and utilizing NFTs, driven by data science, AI, and blockchain technology.


Established in 2017, BIFROST is a permission-less EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain designed for multichain DApps, with the mission of building and propagating a multichain ecosystem.

As one of the only L1 mainnets in Korea, BIFROST was developed to provide seamless connectivity and scalability for other EVM-compatible L1/L2/and side chains including, but not limited to, Ethereum/BNB/Polygon/Klaytn and Avalanche.

BIFROST further provides core infrastructures such as relayer, oracle, wallet, Multichain DEX, Token/ NFT bridges, and crosschain aggregator which are essential to constructing a multichain ecosystem.