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The Baltic Playbook: Slush Investor Office Hours

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For the second year in the row, Inventure, 3VC, and Practica Capital are bringing together the Baltics for a lunch at Slush. Join us!

Our theme this year: the new Baltic playbook. How do you raise capital in 2024? How do you build teams in the Baltics? What are the new best practices for international expansion? Over lunch, Inventure, 3VC, and Practica Capital will lead a discussion.

Kaspar Korjus, Co-Founder and CPO at Pactum AI, will take the stage to share his experience and thoughts on:

📈 Milestones & company culture: He’ll dive into what it means to own a product that defines a new category and what growing a team to almost 100 people based primarily in the Baltics and in the Americas looks like.

🎯 Enterprise software characteristics: Pactum's first customer was the largest company in the world. What are the phases of building a software that starts from the top?

💵 Fundraising: As they look ahead on their next fundraising round, Kaspar will talk about the current landscape and how they view it.

Baltic founder-focused
Please note that this event is targeted towards founders with a strong connection to the Baltic region.

Located inside the Slush venue
This event is on Day 2, 12-13 at the Investor Office Hours Area.

Space is limited
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