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Building and optimizing a free trial that converts

Hosted by Rahul from Toplyne ツ & Jerry OShea
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Free trials are like appetizers of the product-led world.

They exist to get your users to try the whole buffet: your product.

But as any self-respecting chef or product-led GTM team will tell you, they can always be just that much better. 

Who better to help you improve those coveted conversion rates than someone who enables teams at Gorgias, Vidyard, and Make to run growth experiments without a single line of code?

Meet Jonathan Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Candu. Candu helps you create user experiences your customers need; fast.

With his previous stint as a revenue operator at LaunchDarkly, Jonathan understands exactly the problems GTM teams face with activation and conversion.

Join Jonathan and Rishen as we walk you through

⚡️ Framework for building better free-trials

💯 Favorite examples of companies getting free trials right

🔥 Tactical insights to move the needle on activation and conversion

... and much, much more.

​Jonathan and Rishen will take your questions throughout the event and in the dedicated 15 mins AMA at the end.

​Keep them ready 🫡

​See y'all there.