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Designers, Founders, & Creators Meetup - Singapore

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Make friends with other designers, founders, and content creators in Singapore! Food will be provided

✨ Updates on our date and venue! See you at Rakuten Viki, on Jul 13, Thursday from 6.30pm onwards.

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1. Come in, networking/making friends. Get food

2. 60 mins in: short talk (Design Buddies, Lottiefiles, & potentially more) then group photos

3. Networking/making friends. Get food

Art by Grace Ling

✨ Hosts

Grace Ling is a designer, founder, illustrator, content creator, and runner. She founded Design Buddies, helping designers land jobs, improve their skills, and make friends. She is a UX designer at Electronic Arts building products for content creators and events. Grace also draws and creates content about design, art, career, and lifestyle! Grace is also based in the SF Bay Area and traveling to Singapore Jul 7-21

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Toby Gail often finds herself buying new books before she has finished her current ones. As a UX Designer at Singapore Airlines, she’s crafting experiences for the world’s best airline, creating the intersections between human and business, day to day. ☁️ Toby's a volunteer at Singapore Product Design, supporting the creation of spaces for fellow product nerds to connect. Talk to her about anything related to social design, photography, dance (hip-hop!), or cats!

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Natalie Oh is a collector of many interests and loves to play a song or two upon request on the piano! She's currently making her magic as a product designer at The Straits Times, brainstorming on ways to transform news for the general public. Come find her to chat about music (especially jazz!), climbing, literature, or if you share a similar love for potatoes 🥔

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More coming soon

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