Webinar: An AI-generated 5-min Highlight Clip for Each Sales Call



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What if an AI could create a 5-min highlight clip for each of your sales team's calls?

You can...

  • Quickly review a week's worth of calls in one go - find coaching opportunities for each rep

  • Listen to the buyer's concerns in their voice in just a few mins to get a quick rundown of an ongoing deal

  • Get up to speed with a deal and jump into it to save the day!

Sybill's Meeting Shorts were created to solve exactly these use cases. Meeting Shorts are the game highlight tape for each call, typically 5-8 mins long for a call lasting 30-45 mins.

Join us as we dig deep into how sales leaders and managers are using Meeting Shorts today to supercharge their deal review, coaching, and call preparation practices.

We will also explore how Sybill's AI selects the most salient parts of the call to include in the Meeting Shorts and stitches them together. It's hard to program an AI to create an automated summary, especially when you don't have annotations of what a "goal" or a "foul" looks like. At Sybill, we like doing the hard things and delighting our customers.


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