Cover Image for Bitlayer Night Korea
Cover Image for Bitlayer Night Korea
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Bitlayer Night Korea

Hosted by Bitlayer & 4 others
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About Event

Bitlayer is hosting a Bitlayer Night in Korea. The event, sponsored by LayerBank, exclusively invites Bitlayer's partner communities, KOLs, and investors. At this event, we will provide a delightful space for Bitlayer stakeholders to network, ask questions, and meet with Bitlayer's core team.

Bitlayer Nights were successfully hosted in Vietnam in early June. We have planned more Bitlayer Night events in different countries to facilitate the globalization of Bitlayer offline. The next Bitlayer Night will be hosted in Korea. We hope this journey to Korea will strengthen our ties with Korean communities and shorten our distance.

Do you want to meet Bitlayer's core team in Korea? Do you want to connect with the Bitlayer network? Do you want to make friends with others who share your crypto faith? Apply to get access. We will be waiting for you in Seoul.

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