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Leaders' Sharing Circle: support for leaders

Hosted by Irene Anggreeni
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PLEASE READ about this high-value activity in its entirety before you sign up.

For leaders from all walks of life...

Is it lonely in your role?

Do you miss being understood by peers who've been in a similar position?

Wondering where you could draw support from?

​If these questions resonate, I’d love to invite you to this sharing circle which we will co-facilitate.

* ​If you want accountability in working towards your self-development goal

​* Share experiences, get perspectives on challenges, and celebrate wins

​* Practice communication skills in a non-judging, safe, confidential group

​Join us in this trial series, every last Friday of the month. It’s a great moment to reflect on the past month and prepare for reaching your goal in the coming month.


​1/ We establish ground rules for safety

​2/ Facilitated reflection and sharing

​3/ Goal setting for the coming month


​1/ Bring a notebook or something to write on.

​2/ We'll provide structure and relevant tools for reflection and sharing.

3/ If you want to introduce a topic or a particular challenge for your next meeting, get in touch with Irene. You are invited to co-facilitate.


​* Please be on time. If someone joins in the middle, it’s rather disruptive to the process.

​* You are welcome to invite a colleague/friend. Please check with Irene beforehand.

* ​Understand that this meeting is not for chitchat, we provide this circle of trust for vulnerable sharing and intentional work on our PDG.

* ​You’ll get massive values for which people normally are willing to pay. That said, all I ask is that you commit to showing up if you sign up.


​Before becoming a coach and mentor for leaders, I have lived quite a diverse experience of living abroad and travelling, healing through depression, a career change, just to name a few. I’ve learnt a thing or two to share and love to learn from you too in this circle. I'm a cat mom, Buddhist practitioner, outgoing introvert (ambivert), well-regulated HSP, possibly on the autistic spectrum, and looking forward to connecting with you!