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Sharing Circle: what's your personal development goal?



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Fri, Oct 28
4:00 PM
Fri, Nov 25
4:00 PM
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Please read about this high-value activity in its entirety before you sign up.

Weeks, months, years go by easily… how are you on your path to self-growth?

If that question resonates, I’d love to invite you to this sharing circle which I will be facilitating. 

  • If you want accountability in working towards your personal development goal

  • Share experiences, get perspectives on challenges, and celebrate wins

  • Practice communication skills in a non-judging, safe, facilitated group

Join us in this trial series, every last Friday of the month. It’s a great moment to reflect on the past month and prepare for reaching your goal in the coming month.


1/ We establish ground rules for safety

2/ Facilitated reflection and sharing

3/ Goal setting for the coming month


1/ Bring a notebook or something to write on.

2/ Irene provides the structure and a relevant tool for the topic on hand. You don’t need to prepare anything - just bring yourself.

3/ This meeting will take place with a minimum of 4 people. If <4 people, you are still welcome to be there and to work on your own thing. We’d just be co-working and I would not be facilitating anything.


  • Please be on time. If someone joins in the middle, it’s rather disruptive to the process.

  • You are welcome to invite a colleague/friend. Please check with Irene beforehand.

  • Understand that this meeting is not for idle chitchat, we’re meeting to intentionally plan work on our PDG.

  • You’ll get massive values for which people normally are willing to pay. That said, all I ask is that you commit to showing up if you sign up.


Before becoming a therapist/coach and mentor, I have lived quite a diverse experience of living abroad and travelling, healing through depression, a career change, just to name a few. I’ve learnt a thing or two to share and love to learn from you too in this circle. I'm a cat mom, Buddhist practitioner, outgoing introvert (ambivert), well-regulated HSP, possibly on the autistic spectrum, and looking forward to connecting with you!