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Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

Shardeum is back in Pune for an evening full of speaker sessions, an Intro to the Shardeum ecosystem, and networking with the best builders in Pune.

Agenda for the day:

4 PM: Welcome note

4:05 PM: Shardeum 101
An introduction to Shardeum, its progress to date, and ways to start BUIDLing on Shardeum.

4:30 PM: Intro to PuneDAO
PuneDAO is accelerating the best Web3 community in Pune and aims to empower more builders with learning resources and connect them with the right people to grow with.

4:45 PM: Intro to StackOS - Vishnu Korde, CEO and Chief Architect
StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol, connecting developers with decentralized compute powered through a simple no-code, UI-based application deployment engine. StackOS is the fastest-growing DeCloud (decentralized cloud), where you can run high-traffic applications like full-stack apps, DApps, blockchain nodes, and websites.

5 PM: Meet Sahil Malik, CEO & Project Head of PowerAlgo
Sahil is building PowerAlgo, a P2P energy trading system. In 2019, Sahil served as Regional Head – INDIA for MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative). He has collaborated with orgs like ARAI and automobile companies like Hyundai etc. for various blockchain working groups. He will be taking us through the impact of IOTs in the blockchain sector.

5:15 PM: Meet Ashwin Yardi, Co-founder & CTO of Cryption Network
Ashwin is building Cryption Network, a network that aims at making the web3 experience pleasant for the masses. He has also developed Dapp Factory, a no-code platform to develop multiple crypto products in one place. He'll be taking us through what the future of dApps looks like.

5:30 PM: Launching DotShm
Witness the first-ever IRL launch of a dApp on Shardeum! DotShm is the first naming service protocol built on Shardeum. At DotShm, we are making using Web3 addresses simple and human-readable. There’s a surprise for everyone attending the meetup from DotShm team. ;) 

5:45 PM: Networking
Meet the builders in the room that you have been waiting for, find out the new developments on their projects and pitch your projects where others can help you out. Ask more questions to the speakers, share your Twitter, Telegram, and connect with the builders in your city.

6:30 PM: End Note
A brief end to the event concludes the learnings from the day and ways to stay connected for the next events.

Let’s #BuildWeb3 together.

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