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Shardeum Web3 IRL Meetup at Kolkata

Hosted by Ramprasad Vinayagamoorthy, Rakesh Samui & Ayan Majumdar
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Shardeum Web3 IRL Meetup at Kolkata

If you are building on Web3, or just getting started in Web3, or even looking for guidance from experts so you can move into Web3 quite seamlessly, we invite you to join us for a Web3 meetup on Saturday, the 17th of September at (TopCat) Offbeat CCU, Topsia, Kolkata near Science City.

Kindly note that Due to limited seating at the venue, participation is limited to the first 50 registrants.

Why you should join the meetup?

You have a great opportunity to meet and learn from web3 experts and enthusiasts, web3 entrepreneurs, a highly active Web3 community, and Web3 developers building on blockchain and in Web3.

Session 1: Transitioning from Web 2 to Web 3, Raising Investment in Web3 with Meghdut RoyChowdhury

Meghdut RoyChowdhury explains why there is a necessity for the world to move from Web2 to Web3, how we can further address some of the major gaps in Web3 for massive adoption, how to pitch ideas to investors & what metrics investors check, and how Calcutta can be made relevant in terms of Web3, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.

About Meghdut RoyChowdhury

He is Executive Director & Chief Innovation officer at Techno India not only that he is also a co-founder of the Bengal Business Council, Make Calcutta Relevant Again.

Meghdut Roy Choudhury is the one who is up to help youth to reframe thinking toward problem-solving. He is on a mission to make Calcutta relevant and inspire others, being able to adapt to the changes around us.

Session 2: What is Sharding & Why it is important? With Ajoy Das & Manish Kumar Barnwal

Ajoy and Manish will explain what is Sharding and why is it important. Ask Ajoy and Manish about the latest protocols in the industry like sharding, dynamic state sharding, and linear scalability.

About Ajoy Das

Ajoy Das is the Founder of MetaMisfits which is one of the first Indian Web3 gaming guilds. He is a Web3 veteran with over 3 years of experience in web 3 space. Ajoy is passionate about decentralization and has also spoken at several Web3 events. He has hosted India's First Web3 eSports Tournament in association with Axie Infinity. He is currently building Builders of Web3.

About Manish Kumar Barnwal

Manish Kumar Barnwal gave his 3 years of time to building and maintaining relationships with the community and presenting the brand in the best possible light. His communication skills lead him on the path to working as a Community Manager with good projects. Well, that wasn't the end of organizing teams of Web3Conf of India he felt to bring a change and now he is here as one of the Co-founders of Builders of Web3.

Session 3: How to Build in Web3 With Ajoy Das and Samantak Saha

Ajoy and Samantak explain how to Build in Web3,  what are the dos and don'ts in the Web3 space along with the Roadmaps.

What are the industries and how blockchain is bringing a revolution in those industries?

About Samantak Saha

Building Communities in the Web3 Space. Worked as a Community Manager for various Web3 projects and Startups. Building Kolkata Chapter for CoinDCX.

About Varsha Gupta (Host)

Varsha Gupta who has done her Masters's in marketing now is an educationist

Her immense marketing knowledge and skills were an asset to companies she worked with and have led to expansion and growth

Not only that with her knowledge she has also trained over 15 crypto aspirants and now is on the path of working with Builders of Web3

Networking with other web3 developers & community members

You can meet and network with web3 developers who share similar visions. Our last 30-minute networking session may even lead you to your co-founder, marketer, or mentor.

So join us this Saturday, the 17th of September at 5pm @Offbeat CCU, Topsia, Kolkata

Kindly note, that due to limited seating at the venue, participation is limited to the first 50 registrants.

About Shardeum:

World's first EVM-based L1 Blockchain, which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

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