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Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

Join in for an evening of speaker sessions, web3 panel discussion, and networking with the best builders in Indore.

Agenda for the day:

3 PM: Welcome note

3:05 PM: What is Shardeum?
An introduction to Shardeum, its progress till date, and ways to start BUIDLing on Shardeum.

3:30 PM: Intro to StackOS - Arjun Korde, Partnership Strategist
StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol, connecting developers with decentralized compute powered through a simple no-code, UI-based application deployment engine. StackOS is the fastest-growing DeCloud (decentralized cloud), where you can run high-traffic applications like full-stack apps, DApps, blockchain nodes, and websites.

3:50 PM: Aish Vinder, CEO of Mad Ed
Aish is building the world's first community manager and P2E gamer training program. He talks about his career steps before web3 and the new changes that web3 brought in for him, and also how much he loves going into web3 rabbit hole and keep learning.

4 PM: Pranav Maheshwari, Engineer at The Graph and Host for Web3 Ki Duniya
Pranav is a blockchain expert and speaker in various blockchain conferences. He is frequently featured in podcasts and virtual meetings, where leaders from the blockchain and emerging technology space share their discoveries and insights. He actively invests and advises web3 projects.

4:10 PM: Panel discussion on ‘Future of Web3’
Ricky Bharti, contributor at Shardeum, moderates the conversation between Aish and Pranav on how the future of web3 technology, regulations, adoption, challenges, and opportunities.

4:40 PM: Launching DotShm
Witness the first-ever IRL launch of a dApp on Shardeum! DotShm is the first naming service protocol built on Shardeum. At DotShm, we are making using Web3 addresses simple and human-readable. There’s a surprise for everyone attending the meetup from the DotShm team. 

5 PM: Networking
Meet the builders in the room that you have been waiting for, find out the new developments on their projects and pitch your projects where others can help you out. Ask more questions to the speakers, share your Twitter, Telegram, and connect with the builders in your city.

5:55 PM: End note
A brief end to the event concluding the learnings from the day and ways to stay connected for the next events.

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