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Shardeum Hyderabad Web3 Meetup

Hosted by Subbiah Alagappan, Ramprasad Vinayagamoorthy & Suhas Dasari
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About Event

Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node. With Indian origin co-founders, India is naturally closer to the project and we can't be more excited to connect F2F with the Web3 community in the city of pearls!!

Join in for an evening of Web3 experts-cum-speaker session, panel discussion, and networking with the best builders from Hyderabad. #ProofOfCommunity

Note : Make sure to register as only those registrants who are approved will be allowed for the event. Also, kindly arrive at the venue by 2.45 PM IST.

Agenda for the day:

3:00 PM: Welcome note

3:05 PM: What is Shardeum?
An introduction to Shardeum, its progress till date, and ways to start BUIDLing on Shardeum. Also, get to know the fellow Shardians who are from Hyderabad and their contributions which can inspire you to join Web3 movement as an early adopter.

3:15 PM: Speaker session 1 - Krishna C Thipparthy, Founder @ Meta Reality
Krishna will talk about what is sharding in simple words and how Shardeum will use that concept to overcome blockchain trilemma. He will further talk about various use cases of Web3 like DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Metaverse etc. Pretty much everything you do in Web2 can be done in Web3 minus a 3rd party controlling your activities.

3:40 PM: Simple Hands-on session on how to claim 100 SHM tokens + Giveaways
Prior to the event, you can download MetaMask application on your mobile. During this session, we will show you how to claim 100 SHM (Shardeum token is called Shard or 'SHM') testnet tokens with simple instructions. We would also tell you how you can qualify for giveaways by Shardeum.

3:50 PM: Speaker session 2 - Ajay Singh, Co-Founder @ DLT Labs
As one of the early pioneers in infrastructure and application development in Web3 especially at an enterprise level, DLT Labs co-founder, Ajay, has extensive knowledge about Web3 industry with deep insights into blockchain technology and its applications which he will take us through.

4:15 PM: Intro to 'Hyderabad DAO'
It wasn't easy previously for a developer to launch an entity or become its founder. In Web3, developers are best placed to launch decentralized entities like DAOs where its missions are democratically accomplished through its community. Here's introducing you to 'Hyderabad DAO'.

4:25 PM: Intro to 'Illuminated DAO'
They are our 2nd DAO who will make a presentation at the event. Stay tuned for exciting details about how you can also be a founder more easily in Web3.

4:30 PM: Speaker session 3 - Sakshi Siddham, Co-Founder @ Kaari Kollective
Sakshi co-founded 'The Kaari Kollective' which is a new age NFT collection bringing local Indian artisans to the blockchain industry. She will take you through the topic of art & NFT in real world beyond conventional purposes and how the creators are well positioned to benefit more than ever in Web3!

4.55 PM: Speaker Panel

Our guest speakers will have a panel session on how to synergize the power of community in Web3 to overcome current challenges and potential solutions. It's time to replace Web2 and give more power back to people rightfully.

5.15 PM: AMA

Take your time now to ask any questions to the speakers.

5.30 Networking
Meet the Web3 builders at the event that you have been waiting for, find out the new developments about their projects and pitch your projects where others can help you out. Ask more questions to the speakers personally, share your Twitter, Telegram and connect with the builders in your city.

Let’s #BuildWeb3 together. Join the Shardeum community: