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Shardeum Web3 Meetup Hyderabad

Hosted by Loveneesh Dhir & 3 others
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About Event

Want to get started with web3⁉️ We have got the perfect opportunity for you 🚀

​​Shardeum Proof of Community, Hyderabad ⚡️

​​Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

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​​​Why should you join the meetup?

​​​You have a great opportunity to meet and learn from web3 experts and enthusiasts, web3 entrepreneurs, a highly active Web3 community, and Web3 developers building on blockchain and in Web3.

​​Meetup Agenda :

​​Welcome note and Introduction to Shardeum 🤗

Host introduction - Suhas, Head of Marketing @DotShm | Contributor @Shardeum, will host the event for the day.

Welcome note and introduction to Shardeum : Host will make a presentation about the project, its underlying technology and how community is the CEO of the project. You will also learn more about how you can join and contribute to the project.

Speaker 1 - Minajuddin, Co-Founder @ShardStarter

Minaj has a vast experience in the field of investing in Cryptocurrencies. He will guide us on how to select a good crypto project to invest.

Twitter : ShinningOhaad | LinkedIn : Minajuddin

Speaker 2 - Him Agrawal, CTO @ Metalok

​Him is currently pursuing BTech and have interned as android/application developer. Since Feb 2022, he has been serving as CTO at Metalok and have built NFT market places, Dex aggregators for the project. He will present the project's vision to expand in the fields of fashion, jewelry, health and celebrity management.

Twitter : HimAgrawal23 | LinkedIn : himagrawal

​​POAP Airdrop

​​Shardeum POAP will be given away to our registered/approved participants. The host will walk you through the process.


​​Networking 👥

​​Time for networking. Talk to experts more personally and exchange your ideas with others at the event. You just might meet your future co-founder, business partner, employer, or fellow Web3 enthusiast. You never know!!

​​Giveaways 🎁 🎁