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Shardeum Delhi Web3 Meetup

Hosted by Chandresh & 6 others
Past Event
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About Event

Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

Join in for an evening of speaker session, web3 panel discussion, and networking with the best of builders in Delhi.

Agenda for the day:

3 PM: Welcome note

3:05 PM: What is Shardeum?
An introduction to Shardeum, its progress till date, and ways to start BUIDLing on Shardeum. Also, get to know the fellow Shardians who are building from Delhi and their contributions.

3:30 PM: Shruti Jain, Blockchain Developer and Web3 Influencer
Shruti is a blockchain developer and speaker who talks about startups, ed-tech, and cryptocurrency. She aspires to impact and onboard more and more people to this new technology.

3:40 PM: Sumidha Rana, Marketing Operations for Web3
Sumidha has worked with several crypto projects in marketing operations and aims to educate non-crypto folks about web3 and blockchain utility.

3:50 PM: Panel discussion on ‘Growth and Collaboration in Web3’
Yashika Chugh, a web3 learner and builder in the making, moderates the conversation between Shruti and Sumidha to find new ways to collaborate between web3 projects, what expectation and limitations to set and tips to achieve win-win partnerships.

4:20 PM: Break
Take a break to stretch, get yourself a tea and sandwich, steal a few minutes with the speakers.

4:30 PM: Shrishti Singh, Building UnicusOne
Shrishti is going to talk about her web3 journey, implementing real-world asset tokenization through UnicusOne & their move to solving speed & scalability with Shardeum.

4:45 PM: Jivin Vaidya, Building DeSi Protocol
Jivin is going to talk about his web3 journey, his progress on building DeSi protocol, Shardeum's first lending protocol for on-chain lending & P2P credit availability.

5 PM: Networking
Meet the builders in the room that you have been waiting for, find out the new developments on their projects and pitch your projects where others can help you out. Ask more questions to the speakers, share your Twitter, Telegram and connect with the builders in your city.

5:55 PM: End note
A brief end to the event concluding the learnings from the day and ways to stay connected for the next events.

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