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Shardeum Chennai Web3 Meetup

Hosted by Subbiah Alagappan & 3 others
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About Event

Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain which scales linearly i.e. the network can scale up by simply adding more nodes. Further it can auto-scale up or down depending on the traffic in the network. It aims to be the first Web3 platform to overcome the blockchain trilemma.

And with Indian origin co-founders, India is naturally closer to the project and we can't be more excited to connect F2F with the Web3 community in Chennai again! Come join Shardeum ecosystem!

Note : This is an invite-only meetup

Agenda for the day

1:00 PM : Host introduction - Dinesh, Founder @ Seerakku will host the event for the day.

1:05 PM : Welcome note and introduction to Shardeum : Host will make a presentation about the project, its underlying technology and how community is the CEO of the project. You will also learn more about how you can join and contribute to the project.

1:20 PM : Speaker 1 - Shaan Sundar, Blockchain Developer @ Biconomy
Shaan is a full-stack Web3 developer with experience in Angular, Solidity, Ether and NodeJS. Apart from that, he takes pride in his presentation skills, communication and marketing initiatives. He will introduce you to what exactly is SDK (Software Development Kits) and the SDK Biconomy will launch soon.
Twitter : 0xNotthatsundar |LinkedIn : notthatsundar

1:45 PM : Hands-on session on how to claim 100 SHM tokens + Shardeum Giveaway announcement
During this session, event host will show you how to claim 100 SHM (Shardeum token is called Shard or 'SHM') testnet tokens with simple instructions. All you need is a mobile phone. Also stay tuned for information on how you can qualify for meetup giveaways by Shardeum

1:55 PM : Monish Muralidharan, Founder @ KalakendraDAO - Monish is a senior design engineer in automobile industry. After realizing the potential in Web3, he founded KalakendraDAO with an intention to expand the community. He is also building projects such as on Shardeum which aims to be a marketplace on the network. He will talk about "We" in Web3.

Twitter : CryptoMonish | LinkedIn : monish016

2:10 PM : Speaker 2 - Pradeep Kumar, Indian Playback Singer-Composer - Pradeep is a famous playback singer and musician in this part of the world. Covid-19 motivated him to work towards a sustainable economy for all types of musicians struggling to get by and he diligently leveraged Web3 which is truly 'by the people for the people'. He will talk about how Web3 pushed his creativity levels and about his NFT project 'Pann'.

Twitter : pradeep_1123

2:35 PM : Game time
Dinesh, the host will present and host the game called 'Spaceshot' that he is building on Shardeum. Game developers, time for you to build your games on the blockchain by getting few insights from this session!

Twitter : 0xkshatriyan ; LinkedIn : dinesh-kshatriyan-366b33135

2.45 PM : AMA - Floor is yours now to ask any questions you may have to our speakers.

3.10 PM : Networking - Time for some networking. Talk to experts more personally and exchange your ideas with others at the event. You just might meet your future co-founder, business partner, employer or a fellow Web3 enthusiast. You never know!!

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