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About Event

Three reasons why you should join us at the meetup!

1) A milestone meetup for the Indian community

​You have a great opportunity to listen to, meet and network with OG blockchain entrepreneurs, developers, and Web3 enthusiasts in and outside of Shardeum community!

Further, you will get to learn more about & join Shardeum, which is the world's first L1 blockchain that scales linearly with low gas fees forever. As you may know, Shardeum has strong roots in India. The project is the brainchild of 2 Indian origin co-founders - Nischal Shetty & Omar Syed!!

So if you are getting started in Web3, or if you are building on Web3, or even looking for guidance from experts to move to Web3 seamlessly, this is the meetup you should look forward to!

2) About our Speakers & Their Agenda

Agenda -1 :

i) Web3 for women: What is in it for women?

ii) Why transit into Web3? In other words, why fix it if ain't broken? 

Aneesha Reihana is Singapore-based accountant turn technologist who has domain expert in digital transformation for enterprises with a niche in blockchain & emerging technologies. She founded & leads Honeycomb Web3 - an umbrella brand to Web3 projects with an aim to accelerate the adoption of the industry.

Agenda -2 : Web Founding Opportunities & Challenges - Let's find solutions together!

Karthik NS is one of our first two speakers who is extremely popular with Chennai Web3 community. Karthik has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and FX field and a natural progression to the blockchain/crypto space. He is the co-founder of Kana Labs, which is a wallet and a DeFi aggregator for the Solana and Neon networks. They are planning to launch on other networks soon!

Agenda -3 : Why choose a multi-chain approach? What are the current security challenges/improvement areas with multi-chain approach?

Chaal Pritam is our other speaker who is well known in Chennai Web3 circle. He is a full stack JS & blockchain developer. He works with early-stage startups and is passionate about designing
& building Web3 products. He is the co-founder of ShipItDAO & UXDAO.

3) Network with co-participating developers & entrepreneurs

​As mentioned, you can network with Web3 developers and enthusiasts who share similar visions during the meetup. Importantly, this could be a great opportunity for you to meet your future co-founder, marketer, or a mentor!! :)

See you at the event!

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