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Shardeum campus workshop @ CMR Engineering College

Hosted by Loveneesh Dhir & Sumanth
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Don't know about web3❓

​​​​​In this Workshop, you will learn how to get started with the web3 industry and blockchain technologies. We will talk about Dapps, DAOs, and various career opportunities available!🚀

​​Whether you are a developer or not, this workshop is for everyone looking forward to building their first smart contract/dApp! 🪙

​​Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain which uses sharding to increase TPS by adding every new node.

​​Join us to learn about interesting Web3 projects, participate in a beginner-friendly workshop, and network with Web3 builders in your city.

​​​​​Before you arrive at the venue, here are some prerequisites:

  1. ​​​​Join Shardeum Hyderabad telegram:

  2. ​​​​Join Shardeum Discord server:

​​​​Agenda for the day:

  • ​​​​​Talking about web3 and Blockchain.

  • Basics of blockchain, smart contracts, and wallets.

  • Why Shardeum?

  • What are Dapps and DAOs.

  • Career opportunities in Web3 and role of community.

  • Technical and Non-Technical Roles in Web3

  • Opportunities in Shardeum and its different programs.

  • Fun quiz based on the workshop.

  • Networking & upcoming events announcements.

​​​​​​Let’s #BuildWeb3 together. Join the Shardeum community: