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Shardeum Web3 IRL Meetup for Devs at Bangalore

Hosted by Ramprasad Vinayagamoorthy & Subbiah Alagappan
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About Event

Shardeum Web3 IRL Meetup for Devs at Bangalore. 

If you are building on Web3, or just getting started in Web3, or even looking for guidance from experts so you can move into Web3 quite seamlessly, we invite you to join us for a Web3 meetup on Friday, the 26th of August at Draperstartup house, Koramangala, Bangalore.

Kindly note that Due to limited seating at the venue, participation is limited to the first 50 registrants.

Why you should join the meetup?

You have a great opportunity to meet and learn from OG blockchain experts and enthusiasts, web3 entrepreneurs, and Web3 developers building on blockchain

Session 1: AMA on NFT & SBT with Shobhit Bakliwal

Ask Shobhit Bakliwal, the OG Crypto Guru, anything you want to know about NFTs and SBTs. You will further learn SBTs (Soul Bound Tokens) stand a good chance to coexist with and be as prominent as NFTs soon.

About Shobhit

A crypto old-timer, Shobhit is one of the most knowledgeable people in this industry. He is a founder at Web3club involved in teaching Web3 Development to upcoming developers. He is also a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Graphy, founded Indusbit, and worked as Product Head in Unacademy

Session 2: Communication in Web3 with Pranshu Rastogi

Pranshu Rastogi explains why there is a necessity for the world to move from Web2 to Web3 and how we can further address some of the major gaps in Web3 for massive adoption. As a core team member of EPNS, he will talk you through the EPNS ecosystem and Alpha drops for token holders.

About Pranshu

Pranshu Rastogi is VP Engineering at Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS). He has worked on various Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Loom, Hyperledger, Polkadot etc and in his initial tenure of career he has explored algorithmic trading.

Further, he is a keen reader and writes on various blogging platforms [Medium, Hashnode] with a special interest in Self sovereign identity. Being an active member of the Blockchain community, he has created multiple Blockchain courses and mentorship programs on e-learning platforms.

Session 3: AMA on Blockchain & Shardeum with Zahoor

Ask Zahoor, OG Blockchain, anything about Web3 and Shardeum. Ask Zahoor more about innovative and latest protocols in the industry like sharding, dynamic state sharding, linear scalability or even as simple as what is a blockchain or metaverse in simple words. The stage is yours friends. :-)

About Zahoor

Zahoor, is a Committer at Shardeum. He is a Blockchain veteran with over 25+years of experience in the data science industry. He has worked with Ethereum Foundation and Swarm Foundation before joining Shardeum. He has also held the position of Architect at companies like PayPal and Ericsson. Zahoor is passionate about decentralization and has also given guest lectures at bootcamps and spoken at several Ethereum events. He is wildly popular among Web3 followers across India.

Networking with other web3 developers & entrepreneurs

You can meet and network with web3 developers who share similar visions. Our last 30-minute networking session may even lead you to your co-founder, marketer, or mentor.

So join us this Friday, the 26th August at 6 pm @ DraperstartupHouse, Koramangala, Bangalore

Kindly note, that due to limited seating at the venue, participation is limited to the first 50 registrants.

About Shardeum:

World's first EVM-based L1 Blockchain, which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

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