Cover Image for Shardeum X Rising Capital Web3 meetup @ Bengaluru : VC Edition

Shardeum X Rising Capital Web3 meetup @ Bengaluru : VC Edition

Hosted by Loveneesh Dhir & 6 others
Past Event
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About Event

If you're looking get some feedback on your product and showcase your product to VCs, 🕵🏼 or want to let web3 folks know about what you are building⁉️ We have got the perfect ​opportunity for you. 🚀

Proof of Community - VC Edition 💪
Get a chance to showcase your product to the VCs and web3 founders, share your achievements or hire the right candidate for a role, get some feedback on your project.⚡️

We couldn't be more excited to connect F2F with the Web3 community in Bengaluru again! Come join the Shardeum ecosystem!

Note: The event is focussed towards providing opportunity for founders to present to the VCs & networking with VCs. No commitment on funding.

Agenda for the day

​6:00 PM IST - Welcome note and introduction to Shardeum

Host will make a presentation about the project, its underlying technology, and how the community is the CEO of the project. You will also learn more about how you can join and contribute to the project.

6:25 PM IST - Introduction to Rising Capital

Rising Capital, a digital asset management firm based in Singapore, is set to share insights into their business model, provide key updates, and highlight how they are supporting the development and expansion of web3 projects in India and Asia.

6:40 PM IST - VC Panel : The Web3 landscape from VC’s perspective

Vish BR, India Lead @ Sino Global Capital

PB, Director Programs and Investments@ Brinc VC

Santosh Panda, Co-Founder @ Foundership

Ankur Choudhary, Research Partner @ Woodstock

Shivangi Pandey, Sr. partnerships Manager @ Rising Capital

7:10 PM IST - Web3 Founders' Presenting Time (5 Mins Each)

Web3 is for everyone and everyone, aligning to those ethos we have an opportunity to showcase your project to a panel of experienced VC and fellow founders to get some feedback.

Note: We will be shortlisting the founders according to the form responses and the selected ones will be notified via mail. Each founder will be allotted 5 minutes to showcase their product.

8:10 PM IST - Open networking

You'll have the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies, and the transformative power of web3. Connect with industry leaders, gain insights from their experiences, and forge valuable partnerships that can propel your venture forward.

​​About Shardeum

Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 blockchain that scales linearly i.e.; the network can scale up by simply adding more nodes. Further, it can auto-scale up or down depending on the traffic in the network. It aims to be the first Web3 platform to overcome the blockchain trilemma.

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About Rising Capital

Rising Capital is a Singapore-head-quartered Digital Assets Investment and Venture Studio  obsessed on working with brilliant founders in crypto. Since 2013, Rising Capital's business has been directed towards two focal points- Rising Venture Studios & Rising Capital Fund. As Rising Venture Studio, we build together with outstanding founders and support them at each step of their journey from funding, technology, and distribution. Rising Capital Fund intends to invest in early-stage crypto companies across sectors in India & SE Asia.

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Accelerator Partners: Builders Tribe, Foundership

Community Partners: OG Club, Namma Blockchain, Blockchained India