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About Event

Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

Join in for an evening of speaker session, web3 panel discussion, and networking with the best builders in Ahmedabad.

Agenda for the day:

11 AM: Welcome note

11:05 AM: What is Shardeum?
An introduction to Shardeum, its progress till date, and ways to start BUIDLing on Shardeum.

11:30 AM: Meet Arpan Shah, Founder of Prosppr
Arpan is learning about crypto since 2016 and aims to make long-term investing in crypto very simple. He is also one of the leading proponents of growing web3 in Gujarat by hosting meetups and workshops.

11:35 AM: Meet Yash Shah, Co-Founder and CTO of Lemma Finance
Yash is Co-founder and CTO of Lemma Finance, with a goal to build a better decentralized world. He also contributes to several open source projects on Gitcoin.

11:40 AM: Meet Harsh Ghodkar, Co-Founder of Blocktrain
Harsh is Co-founder of Blocktrain, and aims to build the fastest bridge for non-crypto folks to enter the web3 world, learn, invest and build in it.

11:45 AM: Panel discussion on ‘Founder’s Role in Web3’
Arpita Ganatra, web3 developer and builder herself, moderates the conversation between Arpan, Yash and Harsh to build a web3 projects as a founder, current opportunities and challenges that come along with it and a founder’s accountability in web3.

12:15 PM: Break
Take a break to stretch, get yourself a tea or coffee, steal a few minutes with the speakers.

12:30 PM: 'Consensus in Blockchain' by Harsh Ghodkar
After over a decade of solving the Byzantine Generals’ Problem, today consensus in blockchain can be achieved in multiple ways: Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of Quorum, Delegated Proof of Stake and new ideas keep popping such as Proof of NFTs.

1 PM: Networking
Meet the builders in the room that you have been waiting for, find out the new developments on their projects and pitch your projects where others can help you out. Ask more questions to the speakers, share your Twitter, Telegram and connect with the builders in your city.

1:55 PM: End note
A brief end to the event concluding the learnings from the day and ways to stay connected for the next events.

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