"Shape your body" 6 week Yoga Weight Loss and Wellness Program



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Shape Your Body Program

Start your September with High Energy! 

 Enroll for just 99 CHF / month

(or 250CHF for a 4 months (if you want to continue with my « Shape your body - Feel amazing » Program )

The “Shape Your Body” Program starts September 6 and ends 18 October, 2021. You will receive 6 weeks of guidance, and you can join me weekly for 3 LIVE Total Body Power Flow Classes, 1 Gravity Yoga Class and 1 Trapeze Yoga Class. 

Monday- Wednesday - Friday : Total Body Power Flow

Tuesday: Gravity yoga

Thursday: Trapeze yoga

More details: https://carinayoga.com/food/shape-your-body-6-week-yoga-weight-loss-and-wellness-program/