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Let's Talk Research: A User Research Critique

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As a UX practitioner, Grace Lau has been doing information architecture, user research, and design for the past 14 years. Over the years, she's developed a certain style on how she runs user interview sessions. Whether she has the skills to masquerade as a user researcher is, well, another matter...

Yes, you're invited to roast Grace and help her (and yourself) on thinking critically to improve your own interviewing game.

Join us this June's UX meetup, observe and critique Grace as she conducts a generative research interview. She'll be interviewing Debbie Lau, a nurse who happens to be her sister, on information challenges a nurse faces during COVID.

As a safe space for learning, we'll be learning about how to give feedback on a user research critique and offer actionable advice to help you hone your craft.

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Image Credit: Kristine Wook / Unsplash