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Back to School Tips and Tricks Featuring the Co-Founders of Curious Cardinals

Hosted by Coco Rohatyn & Audrey Wisch
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Is your child the type to not ask for help until it’s too late? Do you anticipate your child’s dread for the return to school and long for resources to spark their curiosity and excitement? Or ways to empower them with the confidence to raise their hand more in class? And the support to succeed outside the classroom as well? That's where Curious Cardinals come in!

Coco Rohatyn, a Curious Cardinals Mentor, will moderate a Q&A featuring the co-founders of Curious Cardinals, Audrey Wisch and Alec Katz, to share their greatest tips and tricks!

​​Whether it's taking on the new pressure that comes with getting grades for the first time, or finally gaining confidence in a subject your child has always felt intimidated by, Curious Cardinals aims to empower students to cultivate authentic interests and find joy in their learning.

​Topics we’ll cover:

  • ​Curious Cardinals founding story

  • Curious Cardinals top ten back to school tips for staying calm and organized! 

  • Coco's reflections on the value of a CC mentor

  • ​The Curious Cardinals approach to helping students in academic mentoring 

  • ​Curious Cardinals’ vision for the future of K-12 education

​​Curious to learn more? Watch them on CNN, read about them in Forbes (where they were recently named Forbes 30 Under 30) or the Stanford Daily

​​We hope you join us and in the interim, stay curious :)