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Stay Scrappy and Scale 2.0, an Interactive Workshop SF #TechWeek

Hosted by Chris Sheng & Tech Week
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San Francisco, California
Past Event
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​This event is a part of SF #TechWeek- a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.​

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This is a follow-up workshop to last year's inaugural TechWeek event, Stay Scrappy and Scale, sponsored by Mucker Capital. Download last year's growth playbook and watch the accompanying video presentation here.

If you are a B2B Saas company looking to scale rapidly, this event is a MUST ATTEND. Host Chris Sheng (resident growth advisor at Mucker Capital) has worked with 250+ venture backed Saas companies on go-to-market and growth. He'll share updates to his playbook and provide actionable tips, tricks, and hacks to fill your sales pipeline despite market conditions. Gain your power back by focusing on growth and profitability. This time, Chris will take a deeper dive into the mid and bottom funnel, sharing case studies on how to drive higher customer acquisition rates.

​​Some of the key takeaways will be:

1. Leveraging multiple call-to-actions as part of a full sales motion
2. Breaking down the stages from top-mid funnel into baby steps
3. Generating successful playbooks with predictable outcomes
4. Only then, building out a commission-only sales team
5. Keeping sales reps motivated, inspired, and performing

​​Event will be a 45 min live workshop followed by an interactive Q&A.