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Sex Goddess Red Tent

Hosted by Kohenet Annie Matan
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Sex Goddess Red Tent with Kohenet Annie Matan

In this intimate, monthly, online gathering for women*, we revel in our sexuality, questions and stories of our intimate relationships with ourselves, our partners (of all genders) and our bodies.

This is trauma-informed Spiritual Guidance, highlighting systemic conditioning and oppression, celebrating our sexy, powerful, vibrant selves!
For women who want to say all “THOSE” things out loud, be held in the hard and revel in the pleasures.

Example topics for discussion:

  • The orgasm gap and what to do about it

  • celebrating great sex with ourselves and/or partners

  • Ask Me Anything about polyamory, relationship dynamics and what might be possible when we let go of heteronormativity and mononormativity as our core relationship models

  • our favourite sex toys

  • How to use dating apps to have great first dates

  • The Joys and Oys of sexual discovery

  • Liking and even loving our bodies in all their shapes and stages

  • the intersections of our intuition and our sexuality and relationships

  • how to talk about “taboo” things amongst ourselves and in our other relationships

  • the role of patriarchy and white supremacy in our sexual conditioning

A Sacred Space free from judgement or shame.

About the facilitator, Kohenet Annie Matan (me): I am a Queer, Poly, formerly-married, Single Mama and Priestess. I have been listening to learning from, supporting and guiding friends, partners, clients and family around sex, relationships and embodiment for over 20 years. I LOVE talking and learning about sex and relationships and bodies! I believe all bodies are beautiful and love to hear about other people's "yums" (and I promise not to "yuck" them!)

I am not a therapist or certified sex-educator. I don't have all the answers. Together, we have lots. I do have expert colleagues and resources in my toolkit for referrals, when needed. (Go watch The Principles of Pleasure on Netflix, to start!)

My hope is that our time together will feel like an exhale. Log in from your comfiest spot for Zooming, whether that's your desk, bed, floor, kitchen table or under your favourite tree. The magic of the Red Tent is that it's a portal that transcends time and space. We can be together from wherever we are.

You are invited to come with some food and drink to nourish your body, a candle to light and a question or story to share.

This circle is open to all women*. If you need a brave space to connect with other women, this circle is for you, whether you have a menstrual cycle or not.

Meets monthly on Thursdays, from 7:30-9:30 PM on Zoom. Upcoming 2022 dates are: Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 6, May 4, Jun 8.


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*Our community explicitly includes trans women.

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