Don’t Trust Your Gut with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz | Interactive Q&A | Hosted by Irrational Labs' Evelyn Gosnell



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Decisions, decisions. We make more than 35,000 per day, but when it comes to the big ones – Who do we marry? Where do we live? How do we find joy? – we go with our gut. But what if it’s lying to us?

Economist, data scientist, and NYT bestselling author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says we’re being duped, and he has the data to prove it.

Join behavioral scientist and Irrational Labs Managing Director Evelyn Gosnell for a truth-telling Q&A with Seth about his new book Don't Trust Your Gut: Using Data to Get What You Really Want in Life.

Will your romantic partner’s physical attractiveness make you happier? Do your parenting choices affect your children’s life expectancy?

You’ll be startled at the erroneousness of your assumptions – and surprised by what the “right” data can teach you about how to be happier, healthier, and wealthier. 


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