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Protected Zones: Oil & Gas Setbacks in CA, CO, and PA

Hosted by Halt The Harm Network & Kyle Ferrar
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Following the recent victory in California, where the state prohibited new oil & gas wells within 3,200 feet of homes and schools (also known as a “setback”), we’re gathering organizers from California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania to discuss lessons learned from advocating for oil & gas setbacks in the different political landscapes in each state.

The science is clear: the farther you live, work, and play from oil & gas drilling and infrastructure, the less risk to your health. Translating that into effective safeguards against oil & gas pollution is an important way to fight back against the health and environmental harms of the industry. The political reality in many states and communities makes that easier said than done.

Organizers from California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania will join us for a moderated panel where they’ll exchange their experiences with fighting for setbacks, state and local challenges to passing and implementing setbacks, and what the future of these safeguards may look like in each state.

From California, Woody Little of Last Chance Alliance, Kobi Naseck from VISIÓN, and Cesar Aguirre from CCEJN will talk about how the setback bill victory (SB1137) was achieved and what activists are doing to build on this victory and ensure the safeguards are properly implemented. Lauren Petrie from Colorado Rising, Laurie Anderson from the Broomfield City Council, and Kate Christensen from 350 Colorado will discuss the current 2,000’ setback established by a regulatory rule and the challenges organizers have faced in getting public health setbacks implemented. Andrew Woomer from Clean Air Council and Matt Kelso from FracTracker Alliance will discuss challenges in the Pennsylvania political landscape for establishing local and state-level setback requirements.