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Decentralized Serverless Workshop by Fluence

Hosted by Fluence & Nadia Venzhina
Past Event
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​Deploying decentralized blockchain RPC for your dapp using Fluence serverless

The workshop at Filecoin Virtual Machine Hacker Base. Please make sure to register also at

​Running blockchain nodes to support your dApps' RPC reqirements tends to be rather resource intensive. Not surprisingly, Web3 developers tend to gravitate toward using hosted blockchain gateways, aka RPC, solutions. Alas, "RPC as SaaS" introduces centralized bottlenecks challenging the availability, reliability and ethos of dApps.

​​Fluence, a decentralized FaaS stack, provides a ready-to-use decentralized RPC (fRPC) solution to empower dApp developers to quickly and efficiently integrate decentralized RPC calls into their dApps. Moreover, USDC 11,000 are available to developers using and hacking on fRPC during the EthDenver 2023 hackathon.

​​This workshop provides an overview of Fluence's open, decentralized FaaS protocol and available open source tooling. Moreover, we'll dive into the nitty gritty of fRPC and how to integrate fRP into your dApps. Finally, we discuss the available bounties at ETHDenver!