Deepening Your Sense of Self-Awareness



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In this webinar delivered by Shift therapists Ayesha Hussain and Elena Karamanova, you will gain a better understanding of how to improve communication with yourself, and others, by cultivating a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Improving a sense of self-awareness effectively increases your ability to tune into our own emotions and thoughts. When we come more in tune with ourselves, we come to know our needs on a deeper level. This allows us to draw boundaries that serve us better. Additionally, this webinar will highlight the ways in which we can become more present with ourselves. Topics such as self-reflection, identifying emotions and journaling to develop self-awareness will be discussed.

 The outcome of the session is to provide attendees with:

  • The tools needed to break down the barriers within themselves

  • A toolbox full of techniques to cultivate self-awareness

  • An understanding of the efficacy of journaling as a useful tool in this process

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