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Selling the Dream: How to explain your awesome market and opportunity to investors (no BS allowed)

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About this event

Ever struggle to get that “Aha!" moment from investors? Need help reducing your “elevator pitch” to something you can actually finish during an elevator ride... and make it hyper-compelling?

You may need help “Selling the Dream”.

Enter: The Deck Doctors, narrative designers with loads of experience helping startups crack their stories for investors.

These experts will walk you through what they call “the set-up”: how to explain your awesome market and opportunity so you can schedule more investor meetings and close your round faster.

What you'll get

  • detailed breakdown of what makes a compelling "market" slide and "opportunity" slide in your pitch deck

  • three examples of actual pitch decks from real founders... along with real-time feedback from the Deck Doctors

  • an opportunity for open Q&A. Get all your burning pitch deck questions answered!

Who is this for?

Anyone who is planning to fundraise (ever).

Anyone who is currently fundraising and having trouble getting meetings with investors.

Anyone who is struggling to get investors excited about their business opportunity.

Who are the Deck Doctors?

The Deck Doctors are a small but mighty team of strategists, storytellers, designers, investors, entrepreneurs, and startup nerds who have cracked the code on pitch decks.

They've helped over 100 startups build winning pitch decks by transforming hideous and incoherent decks into works of art.

Deck Doctors is the #1 resource we (Hustle Fund) recommend to our portfolio companies and any founder that wants to level-up their pitch deck.

We're shocked they're giving away their secret sauce to our community, but don't tell 'em that.

Who is Hustle Fund?

Hustle Fund is an early-stage venture capital firm that believes great founders can look like anyone and come from anywhere.

When you're ready to raise your pre-seed or seed-stage round, tell us what you're working on!