Ecom Secrets Revealed: When Paypal took all our money (and almost tanked the company)



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Imagine you made $700K overnight…only for Paypal to cashblock you for 6 months. 

Welcome to chapter II of Matteo’s misfortune. 

A successful PR campaign & a native ads funnel led to the tripling of sales OVERNIGHT. 

Followed by many rollercoaster months of trying to unlock the money.

And figuring out why this happened in the first place!

This xclusive event will explain how payment gateway risks can get you into very similar sticky situations. We’ll chat about: 

  • The steps to take to prevent this 

  • The actions to take if this happens 

We don't want anyone to experience but it's important to be prepared & protected.

Did Matteo get his $700K back?

...You’ll have to join us to get answers


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