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Ecom Secrets Revealed: What Payment Gateways Don’t Tell You

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It’s time to pull back the curtain on what really goes on inside your payment gateway. 

Because up until now, it’s just been one big black box. 

Ecommerce, global payment and checkout optimization specialist James Perrett (Director @checkout XO, Ex @PayPal, Ex @Nuvei etc) has got the inside scoop on it all. After years working BTS in financial services, he’s the real deal. 

He knows exactly why payment gateways do what they do…something even Google can’t answer. 

  • Block your funds?

  • Fine your account?

  • Finalize your underwriting? 

It’s as second nature to James as riding a bike. 

Which also means he’s got the handbook for DTC brands on how to:

  • Minimize the risk

  • Avoid penalties 

  • And get cleared quicker 

It’s not everyday you get to hear this exclusive knowledge dropped. 

…but everyday there’s a chance you might run into a kerfuffle with your payment gateway. 

Why not be prepared? 

It just might save your future self getting 650K blocked like Matteo.