Steal These Ideas

November 5 (Thu), 6:00 PM UTC


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Innovative reps are looking for new ways to engage with their audience and make an impact on the sales pipeline as we near the end of 2020.

Whether it’s taking advantage of video prospecting (shout-out to Gravy for killing it here), leveraging social channels in new ways (like sharing TikToks with your target audience), or changing how your pitch is delivered (Isiah Mustafa & Gong come to mind), reps are finding ways to be successful.

To us, the best thing to do is share those tactics with the sales development community to let everyone know what’s working right now, and give you examples to emulate as you close out 2020.

'Steal These Ideas' is an event that takes those tactics and puts them in front of an expert panel for feedback. They'll talk about what they liked, why they think it worked, and lessons learned. You'll learn what's worked for SDRs recently, why it's worked, and how to try these tactics out on your own.


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