SDR Ops Lean Coffee Session #1 - Data, Reporting, & Analytics



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SDR Operations is a growing, underserved field.

There are a few high-profile individuals fulfilling this specific function, mostly at larger companies. For many organizations, the function is fulfilled by an internal committee, or by an SDR Manager.

The problem here is that there is no centralized playbook for these processes; rather, they do exist, but only through tribal knowledge.

And since there isn’t a definitive source for any of this, we’re going to try and build one.

We’ve decided to run a ‘webinar’ series, but certainly not to lecture folks on this topic. Rather, just to gather people who have done this work in the trenches to unpack the ideas in a group discussion. 

The reason we put the single quotation marks around the word ‘webinar’ is because we don’t want this to be a traditional ‘someone talks at you for 45 minutes before we even get to your questions’ type of event.

We want this to be as interactive as possible, so each session will follow an adapted Lean Coffee meeting framework. This will give every participant the chance to both learn and share their own knowledge.

The first session will be centered around Data, Reporting, & Analytics. Data and analytics are the foundation on which SDR Ops have to be built. Knowing how to analyze your team’s output is the first step in discovering what processes will work for them.

The second session will be about Critical Processes. This is when we’ll really dive into the different SDR processes everyone utilizes to get the most out of their team as well as some of the methods that have been tried and failed for various reasons.

The last session is all about the Tech Stack. What tools work for you and which ones leave something to be desired or, even worse, prove detrimental to your operations once put in the hands of the SDR team.

At the end of it all, our goal is to help grow the SDR Ops community and provide everyone with the best resources we have. Our plan is to compile all of the best lessons, tips, and strategies we learned throughout the series and provide them to you, so that the lessons you learned can continue to teach future leaders as the field continues to grow.


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