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Workshop: Unlocking NoSQL: High Availability and Data Modeling - Hands-On

Hosted by TLV Community | RTFM Please, Hila Fish & Julia Angell
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NoSQL databases are increasingly used for big-data applications that require high availability and fast performance.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn about NoSQL databases: What are they? How do they differ from Relational databases? And when should they be used?

The topics covered include basic concepts and architecture, high availability and how it’s achieved, data modeling in NoSQL databases and how it differs from Relational databases, and how drivers are used to interact with the database.

The workshop uses ScyllaDB to learn different concepts. These apply to Apache Cassandra as well as to other NoSQL databases.
It’s divided into two parts. Each part includes some theory, followed by a hands-on example where you’ll get a chance to run some code yourself and put the theory into practice.



The workshop is divided into two parts. Each part includes some theory followed by a hands-on lab you will run yourself.

Theory: Introduction to NoSQL databases, NoSQL classification, High Availability vs. Consistency vs. Partition Tolerance, Node, Cluster, Partitioning, Token Ranges, Data Replication, Consistency Levels, Multi Datacenters, and the read/write path.

Hands-on - High Availability lab: This lab demonstrates how Availability works in practice. You’ll try setting the Replication Factor and Consistency Level in a three-node cluster, and you’ll see how they affect read and write operations when all of the nodes in the cluster are up and also when some of them are unavailable.

Theory: An overview of Data Modeling, what it is, why it’s important, and how NoSQL data modeling differs from Relational data modeling. Key terms like Keyspace, Table, Partition, Row, Replication Factor, Hashing, Partition Key, Clustering Key, the importance of choosing a Primary Key, data types and collections, and using drivers.

Hands-on - Data Modeling lab: Learn the basics of data modeling and key concepts, the importance of the primary key, and perform related queries

Bonus lab -Twitch Sentinel Hands-on Lab: Build a high throughput application using TwitchTV as your primary target.