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How To Decide On The Size of Your Option Pool

Hosted by Lily Macomber
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Hiring to scale your company beyond the founding team is an exciting inflection point for a startup. Prior to establishing your Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) it is in the founder’s best interest to do the math and estimate how much equity to set aside for new employees. 

Option pools can affect everything from how much of your company you retain to your company’s effective valuation, so it’s important to be strategic. In this webinar we will cover:

  • What is an option pool

  • Why do I need one and how it can be leveraged

  • Why sizing your option pool correctly is important

  • What to consider when sizing your option pool

About the Speaker:

Lynne is the Head of Customer Success at Shoobox and a corporate attorney turned client service expert. She previously served as Director of Client Engagement and Corporate Attorney at Gesmer Updegrove, a boutique law firm focused on startups. She was also Director of Client Services at Brightleaf, creator of document automation software for lawyers. She has a deep understanding of legal marketing and business development, and is an advocate for women entrepreneurs. Lynne holds degrees from Smith College and New York Law School.