Workshop: Outsourcing Service Providers



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One of the most important elements for any startup is its people. Specifically, having the right people at the right time, helping you build and grow. In this free workshop Olga Ten will discuss how to build the right team at every stage of your startup. Specifically, you will learn:

  • When to outsource different areas at every stage of your startup

  • What to outsource and what to hire for in-house

  • Where to find the best people for your startup and your budget

About the speaker

Olga Ten, the founder of Upmarqt, has 16 years of a multinational corporate career in the US and Europe, where she was responsible for creating, overseeing development and global launches of new value propositions.  Her background is in branding, marketing and business strategy.

She created strategies that changed business positioning of several consumer categories from low end to premium that resulted in sold-out products globally. Olga's strengths are seeing the inherent talent in people and the ability to join the dots to create extraordinary solutions.

Having invested in several startups, she saw a clear unmet need; one of the key reasons startups fail is due to the lack of having a winning team that will take a startup to scale. Using her strengths and experience she is filling the gap and is helping startups find the right people at the right time. Olga’s ambition is to increase the success rate of startups and help them grow in half the time.

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