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Bardeen Workout: Mastering Bardeen's Scraping - Class 1: The Overview.

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​Deep diving into advanced scraping! Live demos, CSS selectors and more!

β€‹πŸ—“οΈ Date: Thursday, September 14th

β€‹πŸ•™ Time: 11:00 AM (EST Time) | 8M PST | 5PM CET

​Ready to take your automation skills to the next level?

​Join our Bardeen Masterclass and dive deep into the world of web scraping alongside our experts, Ivan Escobar, Danil and Manvel, Bardeen's leading Scraper engineersn.

​What you'll learn:

β€‹πŸ” Inside Bardeen Scrapers: Explore the inner workings of Bardeen's scraper. Learn how to select fields, understand auto-generated CSS selectors, and overcome common scraping challenges.

β€‹πŸŒŸ Discover Bardeen's Pre-built Scrapers: discover Bardeen's pre-built scrapers and how you can use them in your projects.

β€‹πŸš€ Become a Scraping Pro: Elevate your skills with advanced scraping techniques. Customize selectors, manipulate container and field settings, and unleash the full potential of Bardeen scraping.

β€‹πŸŒ CSS Selector Overview: Understand how to use CSS selectors to improve your scraping. We'll simplify CSS concepts and provide real-world examples to empower your scraping journey.

β€‹πŸ§° Next Steps: Wondering where to go after the workshop? Explore practice opportunities on test websites and gain access to a handy tutorial for common scraping scenarios.

​Ready to join us on this masterclass? This workshop is perfect for:

  • ​If you're a Bardeen using looking to improve your skills.

  • ​No-coders looking to get into the scraping space.

  • ​Scraper experts who want to learn how to do it without code.

  • ​Automation enthusiasts ready to boost their capabilities.

​Don't miss this opportunity to master web scraping with Bardeen. Let's unlock the world of data together!

​We have **LIMITED SPOTS!** It's a masterclass so we're limiting the spots and keeping a smaller group.

​Hurry up before someone takes yours! Takes 1 minute to RSVP.

​Make sure to RSVP the upcoming class 2!