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How to get scholarships as design students- Alumi x Atila

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Education is expansive; students spend an average of $80000 for a 4-year degree in post-secondary schools. However, millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed because people don't know they can apply. This time, we invited Tomiwa Ademidun, the founder of Atila, to talk about how students can apply for scholarships, even as recent grads.

About Atila

Tomiwa Ademidun is the founder of, a website that helps students get scholarships.

Imagine if applying for scholarships was as easy as shopping on Amazon. Atila makes it easy for students to find scholarships that are tailored to their school, program, demographic and extracurricular activities. Atila also allows students to apply for multiple scholarships all from one location.

Tomiwa started Atila after realizing that his program was the most expensive undergrad program in Canada and he would be graduating with over $60K in student loans. 

He had applied for scholarships but felt like the application process was inefficient. As an engineer, he thought to himself, what if there was a way to make applying for scholarships as easy as shopping as Amazon. He built one and called it Atila.

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About Alumi

Alumi aims to bridge the gap between art & design education and the Creative IndustryWe are an inclusive art & design student collective where you can find alumni mentors without worrying about taking "no" as the answer. 

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