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Cover Image for SC07: Consumer Crypto | Demo Day
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SC07: Consumer Crypto | Demo Day

Hosted by Seed Club & merna
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The rain has stopped, the clouds have parted, the small woodland creatures have returned, and all eyes are finally on consumer crypto.

It was over a year ago that we announced the evolution of our accelerator from a focus on DAOs to a broader focus on Consumer. Underlying this decision was our belief that crypto is fundamentally a social technology, the infrastructure was ready for great consumer products to be built, and the majority of value going forward will be created at the attention layer (application + brand + token).

We were deep in the bear market and most investors were back chasing “safe” infra bets. There was very little support for early stage consumer builders and we felt we were uniquely positioned to step up and help bring industry defining products to life. 

Fast forward to today, we’re rounding out our second consumer crypto cohort, and the progress that has been made is insane. L2 adoption, embedded wallets, PWAs, and more have made it dramatically easier and cheaper to bring great products to market. Transaction fees are proving to be a killer business model and consumer products are now consistently top fee earners. Memecoins have clear PMF, have broken out into public consciousness, and are onboarding waves of new people. Farcaster and Lens have emerged as a fertile breeding ground for acquiring early users and testing new ideas. And people are slowly waking up to the opportunity attention-dominating consumer products will have to vertically integrate, commoditize infrastructure, and serve their community in increasingly expansive ways.

To say it more simply, crypto’s consumer moment is here.

But of course there are still a ton of big questions to answer between here and there: 

  • How do we evolve token models for consumer networks?

  • What is the right degree of crypto abstraction that allows for seamless user experiences but maintains novelty?  

  • How do you move beyond the highly speculative desires of the crypto audience to serve the next layer of users?

  • How do you actively go build a market for a token outside of crypto twitter?

  • How do you break through the ephemerality of attention to become a trend rather than a fad?

  • What killer business models exist beyond transaction fees?

And as these get answered, many more will emerge. We need more people with ambitious visions relentlessly running at answering them.

That’s exactly what’s been happening within SC07, and the founders are getting ready to report back from the edges. Demo Day is June 20th, and RSVPs are now open for everyone. 

Without giving too much away, here are the 8 projects and the big questions they’ve each been exploring.

Sidequest: How do we use tokens to reward physical world actions and gamify reality? How does crypto enable us to bring sports ownership experiences to everybody?

Xhibit: How do fashion-focused AI models enable new forms of self discovery and expression?

LISA: What community and social experiences are unlocked if we democratize fine art ownership and move it onchain?

Chipped: What if we built crypto-powered social hardware for the girls?

Ponder: What if the people curating the internet’s information were actually rewarded for the immense value they create?

Fora: What if we allowed category experts (or communities) to seamlessly own and manage their own marketplaces?

Unofficial: How do we allow thousands of generative social experiences and communities to bloom from the open graph and data layers of crypto?

Join us in on June 20th to hear their answers.

If you’ve attended our Demo Days in the past you know they’re not normal. We don’t design an event for investors, we design one for the degens, the token enthusiasts, the DAO maxis, onchain creators, and everyone else in between, and here's what people had to say about it:

"The SC06 Demo Day was the most native on-chain virtual event I ever took part in" - @joonian

"Every once in a while there's an instance/event where you may be enabled to feel that magic feeling. Today, @seedclubhq's Demo Day, vibing with creators & frens, was another opportunity for me to be reminded of that feeling. Inspired. Energized. Grateful." - @VGFreakXBL

If you've made it this far, we think you'll enjoy what we have coming. See you there.

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