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The Sauna Dao Singapore

Hosted by Sauna Dao, Daren Guo & REAP
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Come sauna and cold plunge with The Sauna Dao. Lunch will be provided.


This Sauna Dao event is sponsored by Reap!

About Reap

​Reap is a financial software platform that bridges web2 & web3 finances, bringing together spend management software and innovative payment products to help businesses of all sizes succeed.

​With a focus on financial connectivity and accessibility, Reap uses technologies to empower businesses in the globe to digitise their finances and make smart spending decisions.

​Centred around our flagship VISA corporate credit card. Reap removes the merchant acceptance barrier for B2B expenses and enables projects to stay ahead of the market. With the Reap platform, businesses can issue globally, pay salaries, make cross-border transactions, off-ramp using a fiat-denominated corporate credit card, and settle balances using digital currency – all on one digital platform.

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