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📝 Saturday Coworking Sessions - December Series

Hosted by Indy Hall, Joshua Taton & Jessica Leon
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This series has no upcoming sessions scheduled. Heard something is coming? Check back later!
About Event

Join us on Saturday, December 24th (9a-1p) for a special coworking session. Use this day to reserve some time for YOURSELF during this frantic time of year to:

- Get a targeted project DONE before the new year hits
- Wrap gifts away from prying eyes
- Simply get out of the house

Enjoy a cup of Indy Hall coffee, or BYO hot chocolate or eggnog. We're open and ready to start closing out 2022 with you!

- Josh Taton & Jessica Leon


Please RSVP to attend, and read below to find out if you need to purchase an additional pass for the series.

⚡️ Free for Indy Hall Clubhouse Members, affordable and commitment-free for everyone else

Our main goal is making sure that if somebody comes to the clubhouse, especially for the first time or if they’re new to the community, they’re not here by themselves.

So during this series, Indy Hall members who have upgraded to a membership that includes days at the 709 Clubhouse can participate in these sessions for no additional charge! You will be required to check in as usual, but it will not deduct from your standard day passes.

What if you have NOT upgraded your Indy Hall membership to include the 709 Clubhouse?

You’re still invited! Existing Online Members can sign up for a special pass that includes access to the Indy Hall Clubhouse for the remaining Saturday sessions of the month.

👉 Indy Hall Online Members click this link to buy your pass

What if you’re not an Indy Hall member at all, or have a friend or family member you’d like to bring along?

As long as they can provide proof of boosted COVID vaccination, we’d love to welcome them! For a limited time, we are going to try extending this special Saturday Sessions so you friends can visit the Indy Hall Clubhouse for the remaining Saturday sessions of the month.

👉 Guests and non-members click this link to buy your pass

Keep in mind that this special pass for non-members does NOT include access to Indy Hall’s online community, or any other days of the week. It’s just the Saturday Sessions.