#10 Character - Knowledge Entrepreneurs Salon

Feb 10 (Wed), 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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Ahoj ⚓️

This is for you if you are a creator who would like to earn extra income with your knowledge.

At the Salon, we increase our knowledge through conversation ✨

(Find notes and highlights of past Salon sessions here.)

This time we'll be focusing on Character:

In the movie business, there is a rule: a good story is carried forward by the character and the plot. Both are crucially important but if you had to pick one, character wins. A relatively weak story can be saved by one or more strong characters.

This YouTube video explains how Tenet is a masterful experiment by Christopher Nolan, whether a film can work without a strong character. And the answer is, no.

What does this mean for knowledge entrepreneurs? You - the expert - are the character in the plot. If you are willing to show yourself as a person, no matter the medium, it can provide you with a powerful advantage. Your audience will connect with you and even forgive problems with a product as long as you are a strong character. This is huge! Let's have a conversation about it 😀

The Knowledge Entrepreneurs Salon series is part of my own journey as a knowledge entrepreneur. It is a standing invitation (Wednesday's at 5 pm UTC/London) for knowledge entrepreneurs and everyone interested in the topic.

> A knowledge entrepreneur is an expert who creates for an audience earning an income.

Please register here at Luma to receive the Zoom link as this allows me to better plan and prepare the logistics.

I am looking forward to continuing the discussion... ⚡️


The event is scheduled for 45 minutes. I'll open with a 10-minute introduction and then open up for discussion and questions. Afterward, there may or may not be an informal fireside chat 🔥

This is a live-only event via Zoom. There will be no recording.

I am going to share the highlights on the event page and my newsletter in the days after the call.

If you can't attend this event because of its time slot, please ping me on Twitter with a time slot suggestion, so that I can consider this for future events.

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