Secrets of Sales Rockstars



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​When you hear sales roles, what do you think?

​Some of you might think of the insurance agents trying to get you to buy the best insurance. Bless you, if you're still receiving calls from agents to enrol in a university.

​When people hear sales they think of stubborn people refusing to hear no for an answer.

​No, this is not what people in Sales roles do. The movies and your experiences have ruined the reality of what Sales folks should do.

​If done right, Sales roles are the safety net in any company.

​Sales roles have a bad rep. And we are here to change that.

​In this session learn what it means to work in Sales and the skills required from Sukita Tapadia and Omang Agarwal, insiders with 15+ years of experience.

​At the end of this session you will learn:

  1. ​To bust myths around sales roles at startups

  2. ​Why sales is the right role for you?

  3. ​THREE tactics successful salespeople use

  4. ​How to survive the grind of working in sales

  5. ​How to land a sales job at a startup

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