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Salad Tuesdays #30 by Salad Ventures x Flowdesk

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🌟 Once again, get ready to be a part of an incredible gathering at Salad Tuesdays SG #30, where the #SaladFam comes together for a great time!

🔥 For this session, we are honored to have Flowdesk as our special guest and event sponsor, to bring you a hella good time.

​📢 Flowdesk is the leading digital asset Market Making as a Service (MMaaS) technology provider. MMaaS offers a new, more transparent, and capital-efficient approach to managing liquidity on secondary markets.

Crypto projects can bootstrap their own liquidity using Flowdesk’s MMaaS infrastructure and its trading team’s global coverage. Its comprehensive, real-time platform delivers regulated custody, OTC and brokerage, as well as treasury management solutions.

​Founded in 2020, Flowdesk is based in Paris with offices in Singapore and New York.

​Learn more about Flowdesk on Mirror and see the documentation on Gitbook.

Alternatively, check out their Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

💰 If a token launch is what you are planning for, this is the best time to chat them up!

🗣️ Apart from that, Token 2049 is coming soon! Immerse in the buzz on what's up and coming, and find out which events you should be attending.

Whether you’re a Web3 investor, new founder, seeking growth for your Web3 project, or simply have an entrepreneurial mind interested in the cutting-edge digital landscape, this event brings the right people together❗


📝 5.30 pm: #SaladFam Registration
🎤 6.30 pm: Welcome Speech & Introduction by Flowdesk
🍻 6.40 pm: Get A Drink and Start Networking!


Salad Tuesdays started in 2022 as a way for Web3 natives and transitioners from Web 2.0 to meet, share ideas and grow the local ecosystem. Since its inception, it has matched various jobseekers to opportunities, catalyzed new projects & provided solidarity in bearish times at no cost to attendees.


Over 60 attendees turned up at our last Salad Tuesdays SG #29 which was held on the 25th of July. At the session, we met with Web3 investors and builders from projects like UOB Ventures, Flowdesk, Blockhead, Marvion and more!

Check out our photo album to see all the photos of our past Salad Tuesdays SG sessions:


​Hooray! We welcomed yet another 20 new faces and more than 10 new projects from the last session. An exact repeated number from the session before (#28). What are the odds! Needless to say, the value of networking and sharing 🚀 skyrocketed new partnerships forged and roaring interests in the space 🤝.


Free flow booze for our Club Salad NFT Holders to enjoy while you gather alpha.


Pre-vetted list of attendees with new ones added each week, to introduce new faces and bring additional value


Rapidly growing community that gets better with each session + special access to attendees-only TG group and invites to other Salad Tuesdays in SouthEast Asia.


➡️ PLEASE NOTE ⬅️ that Club Salad NFT Hodlers will be entitled to free-flow unlimited drinks and optional bar bites.

💫 If you would like to enjoy free flow drinks and whitelist access to all Salad Tuesdays sessions, you can purchase our Club Salad Access Pass here:

❗️ We regret that not every application will qualify due to venue pax limit and over-demand. Whitelisted individuals will receive a confirmation email should their registration be approved.


At Salad Ventures, we are dedicated to creating economic opportunities so that people can live better lives. We are leading the way in decentralized web3 labor, with a mission to create a more equitable world where everyone has the chance to participate in the future of work.

Our community has the opportunity to earn money through a variety of activities such as playing games, tweeting, and completing microtasks.

We are committed to providing earning opportunities on the blockchain and supporting other web3 projects in their growth and market penetration.


Salad Tuesdays was conceived to bring the best people in Web3 into one place.

Salad Ventures reserves the right to use any photograph or video taken at any event hosted or co-hosted by Salad Ventures without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph or video. A person attending a Salad Tuesdays event who does not wish to have their recorded or photographed image used or distributed, or have their image recorded or photographed, should make their wishes known to the photographer, or Salad Ventures staff, and may be asked to leave the event.